Inka Trail, Day 2

Day 2 was by fair the roughest day.  We started out hiking up to Llulluchupampa.  This was a steep 3km and we were all feeling it by the time we got there. 

From there, we were heading to Dead Woman’s Pass (or Warmiwa├▒usca).  At 4198m (13,772 ft) it is definitely up there.  The last 200m was the worst.  You pass through 3 stages:

  • Excitement – you can see the top. 
  • Exhaustion – each step takes absolute effort. 
  • Extreme exhaustion – you’re inches from the top but each step now takes 15 second.



made it to llulluchupampa!


you can see how far we’ve climbed already!



last 200 meters…. think i might die….


looks like i’m smiling.  really, i’m just covering my pain…. and my gasping.  the air is thin this high up!


the rolled in magically as we got to the top…


…and then just as quickly rolled away…


 2nd Camp Site

2nd night camp site

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