Inka Trail, Day 4: MACHU PICCHU

Arg!!  The weather on the entire Inka Trail was *perfect*…. until the very last day. 

We awoke at 4am to make our way to the Sun Gate, *the* place to see the sunrise….  We really booked it and we were the third & forth people there.  And by there… I mean a big wall of white fog.  🙂

The “vista” above Machu Picchu wasn’t that much better.  Our guides kept saying that it would clear… and then around 8:30am, it finally did….


the llamas, also upset by the fog….

Look!  That's where Machu Picchu is supposed to be! 

yep, that’s machu picchu.  not exactly how i envisioned it….


but then it started to clear! !


and clear even further!!

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