Ronaldinho, Kaka, & the Brazilian Soccer Team

Those who know me know that I know nothing about soccer.  I played one season in the 4th grade… and then to everyone’s relief, I went back to softball.

Not surprisingly, I am clueless about international soccer.  But the day we were in Lima, Peru was playing Brazil.  (Which made walking around the city on a Sunday even quieter… except for the periodic collective shots or groans at corner TV shops & bars.)  Peru ended up tying Brazil 1-1…. which I’m told is huge for Peru and a bit embarrassing for Brazil.

On our flight out that night, we were at the airport and a flock of people were chasing after this one guy.  My boyfriend, a soccer player & fan, recognized Ronaldinho leading the pack and getting swarmed for autographs & photos.  We followed them… and found the rest of Brazilian soccer team waiting at the gate next to ours.  They were on the way home.

I grabbed two good photos.  The first is of Ronaldinho. The second is of the “random cute guy” on the team who caught my eye.   A few minutes later, I found out his name was Kaka.  Kaka just won the European Footballer of the Year last week.  Ironically, no one at the airport was asking for his autograph or his photo.

p.s.  After this, my new Nikon telephoto zoom lens was officially dubbed the “stalker lens.






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  1. hey whats crakin lakin playas…u guys play hella bad ass…watch ima b the best soccer player in the world lol jaja just playn…that will never happen right plays

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