Back From Spain

And I’m back.  And totally jetlagged.

Spain was great – a fabulous country.  I will definitely go back again.

Also, it turns out that "vacation" vacations do have some nice perks over "adventure" vacations:

  1. Being able to brush your teeth without worrying about getting sick.
  2. Being able to eat fruit from street vendors without worrying about getting sick.
  3. Knowing that you’re not totally screwed if you lose your passport.
  4. Not stressing about safety when calling a cab.
  5. Western toilets.

Oh, and amazing wine and cheese.  Though, the exchange rate is rather killer.

Next trip?  I’m thinking back to south america – but who knows.  🙂


Pictures coming soon.


Karen at the Guggenheim

Me, in front of the Guggenheim in Bilbao, SpainTaken an hour before sunset with the help of a park bench.

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