Animals of the Jungle

After Machu Picchu, we descended down in to the Amazon.  We decided on Puerto Maldonado, which has some of the more untouched rainforest. 

Unfortunately, one of the catches of going to the Amazon during the rainy season is that you’re less likely to see wildlife.  (Since there’s a lot of rain, the animals don’t have to move around to get water… and likely to be spotted.)  What I really wanted to see, which we didn’t, was some funky monkeys.  🙂



a capybara – the largest rodent in the world.



a caiman.  (here’s another where you can really peer into his eye)



turtles on a log


Puerto Maldonado

leafcutter ants on the move


Puerto Maldonado

i totally forget what this guy is called….  anyone know?


 Puerto Maldonado


Puerto Maldonado

big ant!


Puerto MaldonadoPuerto Maldonado


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