The Sweet Sweet Taste of Asian Blood

We just spent the last four nights in the Amazon jungle outside of Puerto Maldonado. It was great… but I have to say, the mosquitos were ridiculous.

Growing up in Southern California, going to school in Northern California, and now living in Seattle, I´ve never really had to deal with mosquitos. Here are some things that I´ve learned:

  1. Mosquitos can bite through clothing. Smart little buggers! On one of the nighttime walks, I got about 15 bug bites on my back…. through my shirt. Ridiculous!
  2. Deet ¨repels¨ mosquitos….. but in the loose sense of the word. I was Deet-ed, and for good measure OFF-ed as well, and the little guys just kept coming.
  3. There´s a reason why REI sells full body bug nets. Though you might look like a tool, you´re protected.

All said, i have something like 70 mosquito bites. They were easy to count since each flared up bright red like a hive. 🙂 Thank goodness for Benadryl and Hydrocortisone.

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