Mate de Coca

In the highlands of Peru, I´ve been drinking a lot of coca tea to help with altitude sickness. I think it has actually helped (though I was told chewing the leaves was more effective).

I´m in Cuzco airport right now waiting for a flight to Arequipa. We just flew in from the jungle, so the altitude is bothering me again. I ordered some mate de coca (this time in a tea bag and not just the leaves). The package lists the ¨properties¨of coca tea:

  • Restorative and energetic
  • Excellent for diet.
  • Digestive.
  • Anti-diarrheac action
  • Acts against fatigue and alitude sickness.
  • Relieves tiredness of voice.
  • Regulates the metabolism of carbohidrate.

Sounds like the perfect tea, no?


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