Sounders Game

Yesterday, I went to my second Sounders game.  I grew up on baseball and tennis – and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy soccer games. My one real complaint is that both games I went to ended in ties.  I found out the rationale behind why they don’t just force a shoot-off (to reward defensive playing), but… it still seems weird to have a sport where there isn’t a winner.  🙂

Seattle Snow

After many flight cancelations, I finally arrived in Southern California yesterday – 48 hours after originally planned. Here are a few (now distant) Seattle snow vistas.

No Longer Giddy About the Snow

So it turns out… snow can be a pain in the ass. On Thursday, when the snow started, I was really excited. It was beautiful, seeing the city coated in a blanket of white. However, 3 days of being really cold, falling down a lot, and not easily getting where you want to go… is starting to aggravate me. Tomorrow, I fly down to Southern California for Christmas. Or, at least, I’m going to try to. The weather people have 40 more hours of flurries predicted. UPDATED 12/22: Still in Seattle, two canceled flights later… Hoping I actually make it …

Global Warming (aka Snow Day in Seattle)

This morning, I woke up to a snowy Pike Place Market. We’ve been hearing snow warnings all week. Yesterday, all the schools were closed and most of Microsoft stayed home. But there wasn’t any snow. Today, the snow finally arrived! It’s still coming down hard, with really big flakes. And it’s sticking – which normally doesn’t happen downtown. As a Southern Californian girl, I’m totally snow giddy. 🙂 Here’s a cameraphone photo of me at Pike Place Photos from my “big” camera coming soon.


Yes We Can!! Celebrating at Pike Place Market.   obama showed up!   confetti   with orkestar zirkonium in the background

If Only I Could Sketch….

…. but I can’t.  🙂 Fortunately, photoshop can help me fake it.  Here’s a digital sketch, from a digital photograph: Seattle, on one of its rare clear May sunsets. (Also check out this panoramic, taken at the same time.)

Digital Photography 2 – Assignment #1

I just started a "Digital Photography 2" course at the Photographic Center Northwest.  I’ve had two classes so far and am liking it a lot (though having 10+ hours of homework a week is both LOTS Of fun… and a bit tricky). The first assignment was to photograph 15 letters – but not real letters.  🙂 Here are the results of my first assignment – can you guess which letter is which?  (You can click through to my flickr site to see if you’re right.)

Snow & Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms in Seattle started blooming a couple of weeks ago. The official first day of spring was last Thursday. QUESTION:  What the #*@(#% is it doing snowing??? —  Signed, California Girl (Yes… I did just make you watch snow falling to the ground.)