Updated 3/22/09: SnippetManager now copies the snippet to the clipboard when selected. I’ve gotten a lot requests for the snippet manager I used at my Mix08 session. So as promised, here it is for everyone who is interested: app, code. The first incarnation of this application was done by Nick Kramer (Thanks Nick!).  I’ve tweaked it and added a WPF frontend. How do I use it? To use a snippet, drag the title of the snippet to the desired target app. In order to move the app around, drag the black bottom portion of the window. The topmost checkbox and …


At my Mix08 session last week, I showed off a FlickrViewr app that I had written. You can search different user’s photos (or search all public photos by leaving the username blank). updated: This app has been updated for Beta2.  All of its controls now use VSM! updated: This app now uses DevDave‘s AnimatingWrapPanel. updated: Updated for Silverlight 3. FlickrViewr (app, code) In order to run it on your own, you need to go to flickr and get your own flickr api key. Special thanks to Pete Blois.  I expanded upon his Xml Serialization Flickr library.  🙂 This FlickrViewr application …

Mix08: Creating Rich, Dynamic User Interfaces with Silverlight 2 Controls

Thanks everyone who came to my talk Thursday morning! (And to those brave souls who came to the 5:45pm repeat.) The session video is now posted on the Mix site. I’ve also uploaded the sample code and deck, if you’re interested. (I’ll post my flickr viewer app soon in a different post.) Some other links… All the Mix08 session videos Description of the breaking changes between Silverlight Alpha 1.1 and Beta1 And a few more…. (that I shameless stole from Tim. See his post for some installation hints.): Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 (x86) …

Mix 08: Silverlight Sessions

Mix08 has started in Vegas! Below are some of the Silverlight talks given by members of the Silverlight development team (plus one from some friends who now work at IdentityMine). I highly recommend checking these out if you’re at Mix! My talk – Building Rich, Dynamic User Interfaces with Silverlight 2 Controls – is on Thursday at 10:15am. I’ve been prepping it and I think it should be good…. but you can help me out by crossing your fingers just in case. 🙂 On a side note: The bags that usually are given away at conferences are super ugly. But …

iFly: Indoor Skydiving

Today, my mom planned a “family adventure” that took us to iFly at Universal City Walk.  I had never heard of “indoor skydiving” before, but I guess there are several facilities around the country (see this WSJ article).   iFly is a vertical wind tunnel that simulates the free fall experience.  I’ve gone actual skydiving once.  It was tandem, and for me, the biggest thrill was jumping out of the airplane and backflipping through the initial acceleration.  That’s when your stomach flips and you have the “oh geez, am I actually doing this??” moment. Once you hit terminal velocity, you feel …


Mix08 has been announced!   March 5 to 7, 2008 The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

Using Silverlight To Render HTML with Custom Fonts: Sistr

A commonly hit HTML limitation is the inability to easily use custom fonts.  Since you’re limited to the fonts installed on the machine, you have no way of ensuring that “MyFont.tff” is already on the client. Fil‘s written a way to have Silverlight do the dirty work.  It’s a called Sistr, and is a a spin on the Flash powered sIFR.  All you have to do is drop his javascript file in to your page and add the appropriate css tags. You can find out all about it here.

Silverlight 1.0!

Earlier today, the first version of Silverlight went out the door!!  Silverlight is Microsoft’s cross-platform, cross-browser plugin aimed at enabling rich media experiences and interactive applications on the web.  (And with the newly announced Novell Moonlight partnership, Silverlight will be available on Windows, Mac, AND Linux.) Hats off to the folks who made it happen.   On a personal note, I joined the Silverlight team last week, and am SUPER excited to be working on the 1.1 release.  The team has done an incredible job with 1.0, and I think things are just going to keep getting  better and better.  🙂   If you haven’t had …

New Windows Live Writer

There’s a new Windows Live Writer! I haven’t played too much with it yet, but from the announcement, it looks like they’ve fixed most of the complaints I had: Tagging support Categories are sorted by name and support scrolling, plus improved support for reading categories from your blog Improved startup performance  (me:  YAY!!) Insert hyperlink added to context menu when text is selected Custom date support for Community Server Improved style detection for blogs  Fixed issues with pasting URLs and links Open post dialog retrieves more than 25 old posts

Expression Blend – Release Candidate Available

The Expression Blend release candidate is now available! Get it here! As was recently noted in a comment, there are a bunch of very cool samples in Blend.  One of them has a sweet page turning demo.   I converted it to an xbap… check it out here: