Happy Holidays!

I was home sick today… there’s a massive bug going around work.  I was pretty useless sitting on my couch, so I decided to make a holiday Silverlight card.   And if you’re thinking….                 wow, that’s really ugly. … or …                 that looks like a 7 year old’s crayon drawing. … you’re absolutely right.     I have no design skills (as my officemate likes to continuously point out.) Hope you enjoy it anyways!  🙂   See the full post, if you’re reading my feed and can’t see the card!

PDC: Silverlight 2 Control Model Session (PC29)

Thank you to everyone who made it to my talk on Thursday! As promised, some links: Session deck Session samples Session recording Also, if you haven’t already, please take the time to fill out the online evaluation.  Your comments help me be a better speaker.  🙂  

Silverlight 2 Changes

Between Silverlight 2 Beta 2 & Silverlight 2 RTW, there were a few changes and additions.  Here’s a brief rundown on the areas I directly worked on.  The overall breaking change list can be found here.   Control Model Silverlight 2 RTW Updates generic.xaml lives in themes directory For WPF compat, we’re now looking for generic.xaml at themesresources.xaml.  It still needs to be built as an assembly resource. VisualTransition.GeneratedDuration The VisualTransition.Duration’s property name has changed.  It is now called VisualTransition.GeneratedDuration. This value will only impact the duration of generated transition animations.  It has no affect on the VisualTransition.Storyboard animations. VisualTransition.Storyboard …

Silverlight @ PDC!

Here are some of the Silverlight-focused PDC sessions.    Hope to see you there! Session Time Speaker Expression Blend: Tips and Tricks Mon 10/2712:45-1:30pm Pete Blois,Douglas Olson Silverlight, WPF, and the .NET Framework: Sharing Skills and Code Mon 10/273:30 – 4:45PM Ian Ellison-Taylor Silverlight: Building Business Focused Apps Tues 10/283:30 – 4:45pm Jamie Cool Deep Dive: Building an Optimized, Graphics-Intensive Application in Microsoft Silverlight Tues 10/285:15 – 6:30pm SeemaRamchandani Silverlight  Controls Roadmap Wed10/2912:00 – 12:45pm Shawn  Burke Inside the Olympics: An Architecture and Development Overivew Wed 10/291:15 – 2:30pm Eric Schmidt, Jason Suess Microsoft Silverlight 2: Control Model Thurs 10/3010:15 …

Silverlight 2 has SHIPPED!

It’s official – we’ve shipped Silverlight 2! ScottGu, our VP, has a great release blog post, which is worth a read. You can get all the new SL2 downloads here: Install Silverlight 2 runtime. Install Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Install Expression Blend 2 SP1 update.  (If you don’t already have Expression Blend 2, you can get a free trial.) On a personal note, it’s been a privilege to work with such a great group of people to put out this product.  I’ve learned a lot, and more importantly, had a lot of fun.  So, a shout out …

Silverlight at the Olympics

I’m sure many of you have heard by now… Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is powering the NBC Olympics video experience!  At http://nbcolympics.com/video, you can see live event coverage as well as on-demand viewing of already-happened events.  Check it out!  (Be sure to use the “Enhanced” player by clicking “Enlarge Video.”)

An Early Look – VisualStateManager for WPF

John Gossman, one of the awesome Silverlight and WPF architects, just blogged a prototype of VisualStateManager for WPF.  VisualStateManager will be added in to a future release of the .NET Framework.  For those of you who want an early look, you can now play with John’s VSM implementation.  (This is for prototyping only – it is not a supported feature yet.)  He uses AttachedProperties to hook up VisualStateManager-enabled Templates to WPF controls. You’ll also see my WeatherControl using VSM on WPF!

FlickrViewr Using DevDave’s AnimatingWrapPanel

DevDave (Dave Relyea) is a dev lead on the Silverlight team.  He just blogged a really slick new animating wrap panel.  Read about it here and try out the sample app below.   There are a bunch of different “interpolations” that you can choose from, including “back”, “elastic”, and “bounce.” I’ve updated my FlickrViewr to use this animating wrap panel with the “elastic” option.  In my totally unbiased opinion, it looks pretty hot.  Though, as Dave pointed out, “elastic” is a bit much for a “real world” application – for a more sane UI, try “back” interpolation.   (See the …

FlickrViewr Updated for Beta2

Just a note to say I’ve updated my FlickrViewr for Silverlight Beta2.  (All of the controls now use VisualStateManager, too!) Enjoy! (See the original post for more info & source code.)

Parts & States Model with VisualStateManager (Part 4 of 4)

Here we are – the final post of our Parts & States Model series for Silverlight 2 controls.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far! Today, we’ll go through some general recommendations on how to use the Parts & States model.  We’ll also take a look ahead:  VisualStateManager on Windows Presentation Foundation and future releases of Silverlight.   (Series Link:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)   Parts & States Model Recommendations 1.  Use the Parts & States Model with Custom Controls and UserControls Like we mentioned in the first post, the Parts & States Model is just …